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Play Daily Tournaments for Call Of Duty, Free Fire, Pubg Mobile & Win Cash Prizes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Promo Code - New User

  • As a new user, you can insert a referral code during registration to obtain referral bonus points. If you do not have a referral code, any friends who have registered for the onegames app can share the referral code with you. You can still signup and start the game without entering the referral code.

How To Receive Cash Prizes

  • Upon winning the tournament, you will receive the cash prize from the OneGames e-wallet within 3 working days. Once the cash rewards are transferred to your e-wallet, you will also receive an update notification. Withdraw money to your bank account.

Withdrawals Duration

  • The cash out to your bank account process will take 1-2 Hours Working Days. It might take a few days more due to your own bank‘s processing delays.

Minimum Cash Out Amount

  • MYR 30

Enter Accurate Bank Details

  • Please make sure the bank details you have entered are correct. Onegames will bind the full name of the withdrawal bank holder. Onegames will not be responsible for any issues arising from inaccurate bank details. Onegames will not refund / repay / top up the amount of money that you‘ve lost due to incorrect bank details.

Withdrawal fee**

  • No Processing fee for all withdrawals.

What Is Total Balance & Total Earnings?

  • Total Balance
    Total balance indicates the total amount of credits currently available in your Onegames wallet. It shows the total amount for your current top up credits and your current bonus credits bonus credits. If you do not have enought credits, you will not be able to join premium tournaments

    Total Earnings
    Total Earnings indicates the total amount of tournament prizes you have earned from past till now. You can see the number of tournaments you‘ve joined and the total amount you earned from all joining those tournaments.

    OneGames Wallet Terms & Conditions
    a) In the event there is an error in the Services provided by us, we may refund the Entry Fee, provided the reasons are genuine and verified after investigation by Onegames.
    b) Please read the rules of each Mobile Game and Esports Tournament before participating.
    c) We do not cancel registrations once entered, however, in case of exceptional circumstances wherein the fault may lie with the payment gateway or from Onegames, we will cancel your participation on request and refund the Entry Fee to you within 30 Working Days.
    d) In case we cancel your participation in any Mobile Game or Esports Tournament as a result of this, We will return your Entry Fee to you within 30 Working Days for you to redeem the same by playing other Esports Tournaments on Onegames.

Esports Tournament

How to Start Playing Esports Tournament


1. Register for the tournament through the Onegames website or mobile app.
2. Join Whatsapp group by clicking on the button located at the bottom of the registration page


1. You will receive the room details and password 20mins before game starts in the Onegames.
2. Open your game app and join Onegames Custom Room.
3. Upon winning cash prizes will be credited to your Onegames E-wallet within 3 working days.
*Do not share Room ID & Password: Please do not share Room ID and Password with anyone. Players who are not registered will not be able to win prizes*

What Happens When There‘s Not Enough Players?

A minimum of 2 players are required before a Tournament will begin. If you are the only person in the tournament, your joining fee will be refunded. The decision to stop / cancel / extend a tournament is at the sole discretion of Onegames. In the event where the tournaments are stopped or cancelled, all players will receive a refund in their Onegames Ewallet.

How Do I Win Prizes In Mini Games Tournaments?

Be one of the top scorers for the applicable Tournament to stand a chance to win Prizes! Winners will be determine based on best scores in a particular game for the applicable Tournament. There will be multiple winners for each tournament.Be one of the top scorers for the applicable Tournament to stand a chance to win Prizes! Winners will be determine based on best scores in a particular game for the applicable Tournament. There will be multiple winners for each tournament.

How Is My Score Calculated In The Games?

Your scores will be based on the scores you achieved after playing which mini game. Scores will be different for each game. If you subsequently get a higher score in a particular game, your score will be updated accordingly for that particular game.

What is the duration of the mini game?

There is a countdown timer for every tournament. Each time the countdown timer is completed, the Tournament ends. Unless otherwise stated, most tournaments will have a duration of 24 hours or more.

Do I Need To Be Connected To The Internet While Playing The Games?

Yes, you need to be connected to the internet via WIFI or 3G/4G/5G while playing the games and also for your score to be submitted.

How Many Times Can I join Mini Games Tournaments?

The number of winners and prizes for the tournaments varies from one Tournament to another Tournament. The prizes and number of winners will be shown on the tournament details page.

How Will The Results Of The Mini Games Tournaments Be Announced?

The results and Tournament history will be available on the "My History" tab in your My Dashboard Page..

How Much Do I Have To Pay To Join Mini Games Tournaments?

The entry price of each Paid Tournament will be listed on the respective game titles.

Will My Score Be Submitted If I Close The App Or The App Stops Working Whilst The Game Is In Session?

All scores are only submitted only when you have reached the score screen at the end of the game. If you quit the game before completing the game or if you exit the app whilst the game is in session, your score will not be submitted.

How Many Players Can Win In Mini Games Tournament?

The number of winners and prizes for the tournaments varies from one Tournament to another Tournament. The prizes and number of winners will be shown on the tournament details page.

Player/Team Responsibilities

By registering to participate, players acknowledge to comply with the rules and regulations of Onegames and with any decisions made by the staff of Onegames.
1. Violations of sports ethics: zero tolerance for hate speech, racist language, or disrespectful behavior. Players should respect each other.
2. Ensure Stable Internet Connection: The game will continue in the event that a player disconnects the game. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a stable connection during the tournament.
3. Delay of the Game: Every participant must make sure to perform any updates or installations before the game. Any delays that impact the flow of the tournament will result in a disqualification.
4. Submitting Scores: It is the responsibility of the players/captains to save their score certificates at the end of each game. Take screenshots and send them to the back-end administrator to provide proof of scores. Failure to provide screenshots as required will result in disqualification and forfeiture of cash rewards.

In-Game Rules

1. No Cheating, Hacking and Glitches: Stay away from any bugs. glitches, or exploits that diminishes the competitive integrity of a match. Any perpetrators will be banned immediately from all games and all cash prizes will be forfeited.
2. No Teaming: Any players found to be collaborating in a solo tournament will be disqualified and cash prizes will be forfeited
3. No Restart/ Rematch: The game will still continue in the event any player is disconnected or disqualified.
4. Spectating: We do not allow spectators in tournament matches unless they are Onegames admin.
Onegames reserves the right to modify the prizes and rules & regulations from time to time without prior notice. Onegames decision on any aspects and results in the contest is final and no correspondence or appeal will be entertained.